About us

We are made up of a group of individuals who collectively believe in patient-centric, collaborative care. We strive not only to help our patients return to peak performance by helping them overcome injury, we also seek ways to assist them in rising to new levels.


Our Philosophy

Our patients take pride in their health and in how their bodies perform, so we take pride in diagnosing and treating them—precisely, correctly and with incomparable insight. We look for non-surgical treatment options whenever possible and, when those are exhausted, we rely on our trusted team of surgeons. Our approach places every client on a pedestal, so they can rise above the physical limitations of injury and continue their pursuit of athletic excellence or whatever they love to do to stay active. Whether a professional athlete or a humble beginner, all of our clients have access to the same world-class level of care.

Elite Team Coverage

Group23 is the trusted healthcare provider for many professional sports teams, including professional, Olympic and other competitive athletes. They rely on us for timely, results-oriented treatment so they can get back to doing what they do best. We are continually inspired by their constant pursuit of excellence and passion for what they do.

Calgary Stampeders being examined by Group23 sport physician

Group23 exam room with team receiving treatment

Our Facility

Group23 Sports Medicine Clinic has over 15 exam and treatment rooms and a vibrant open physiotherapy treatment space. We are located in the Markin MacPhail Centre at Canada Olympic Park (COP), the location of the 1988 Winter Olympics. WinSport Canada maintains the Olympic ski jumping, bobsleigh, luge facilities and more for training and competitive purposes. Our administrative associates would be happy to take you on a tour of our clinic to see the state-of-the-art equipment and specialized therapy techniques.

There is ample free parking and a cafeteria right next door.


The administrative team at Group23 are a select group of dedicated problem solvers. They work within our clients’ schedules and are as committed to the client’s recovery plan as much as the treatment specialists are. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Our management team is deeply connected with our core purpose of empowering individuals to rise above their injuries and back to movement, as movement is life. We pride ourselves in providing patients the same level of care that our professional and amateur athletes receive in a world-class clinical environment. Our team brings a wealth of experience from the private and public health sectors and strives daily to improve our processes and grow our people with the end goal of constantly refining the patient experience at Group23.