Concussion Management

The true effects of a concussion are not limited to just headaches and dizziness, as they can also include poor memory and concentration, loss of balance, low energy, mood imbalances, delayed reactions and other function-limiting symptoms. That's why it's smart to seek professional concussion assessment and treatment from qualified specialists at Group23. Comparing your post-concussion results to baseline results can certainly assist with identifying areas of impairment due to a concussion and help with individualizing your concussion management strategy and any return to sport decisions.

Types of concussion treatments and services include:

  • post-concussion treatment
  • concussion guidelines
  • concussion therapy
  • concussion physical therapy
  • concussion monitoring
  • concussion program
  • post-concussion syndrome
  • concussion protocol
  • concussion recovery time
  • mild concussion treatment
  • mild concussion recovery time
  • concussion management

Computer screen showing concussion program interface

Benson Concussion Institute

Group23 is partnered with the Benson Concussion Institute to provide optimal and coordinated care for acutely injured athletes and concussion treatment. The Benson Concussion Institute has gained world-wide attention for excellence in the study of cutting-edge sport-related concussion treatment, assessment, management and prevention techniques.

Must have a referral

Please obtain a referral from your doctor and make an appointment with one of our sport physicians for assessment, management and monitoring of concussions.