Orthopedic Services

If you have a musculoskeletal injury or condition persistently affecting your quality of life you may be referred to an orthopedic surgeon at Group23 to review and discuss your best options at our orthopedic clinic. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision and to provide specialized care by thoroughly explaining procedures, potential risks and more, working closely with you from the first consultation all the way to recovery. Many orthopedic surgeons subspecialize in specific areas; here at Group23 we are lucky enough to have widely recognized orthopedic subspecialists in Arthroscopic and Reconstructive Shoulder Surgery, Orthopedic Trauma and Arthroscopic Knee Surgery.

Please note that a referral from a sport physician is required to see an orthopedic surgeon.
Man consulting sport physician about therapy options

Non-Surgical Options

Our goal at Group23 is to find the least intrusive option for your recovery so surgery is considered only after all other non-invasive treatments have been fully explored. This may include modalities such as activity modification, medications, injections, or physical therapy, all of which can be accessed at Group23 with our sport physicians and physiotherapists. Meet our Specialists.

Surgical Options

In some cases, conditions can be urgent and surgery may be critical in restoring loss of function or mobility due to musculoskeletal illness or injury to bones, joints, tendons, muscles and nerves. This could include joint reconstruction and revision, microvascular procedures such as nerve repair and nerve and muscle grafts or trauma. If surgery is the optimal course of action, we will schedule you for an appointment and together create a plan to get you on the road to recovery. Meet our Surgeons.

Note: Dr. Martin is only accepting referrals from a Group23 Sport Physician and urgent referrals from AKIC due to capacity.

Must have a referral

Our surgeons are only accepting referrals from sport physicians
Medical professional filling out pre-surgical paperwork


Our physiotherapists, therapists and health and lifestyle professionals can accept appointments without a physician referral.
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