Connie Lam

Medical Office Assistant

Medical Office Assistant


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Connie enjoys creating a bond and helping others by being part of the healing process and getting patients back to their regular lifestyle. While the healing process varies for each person, Connie is sure there will be a positive outcome with some time and patience. Loving a new challenge, Connie pursued a career path in health care, having taken her MOA certificate at SAIT Polytechnic after completing her Financial Services Diploma. 

When she’s not working, Connie loves spending her time outdoors regardless of the weather. On her walks, she loves to find new trails, scenery, species of plants and animals, either with or without a camera to share her new findings with others. She also loves to draw, primarily for fun, to create laughter and receive feedback. She is an avid volunteer where she can put a smile on someone’s face, originally having started in high school and currently supports a local seniors’ residence.

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