Lisa Hoffart

Physiotherapist,  BSc PT BScKin FCAMT CAFCI VestibularTherapist

Physiotherapist, BSc PT BScKin FCAMT CAFCI VestibularTherapist


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Lisa became a physiotherapist twenty years ago because maintaining an active lifestyle is a key component of a complete life. That spirit continues to drive her practice today.

Lisa believes that people are entitled to a straight forward and honest experience that not only helps them recover from problems they might be experiencing but puts them in a position to be better performers and more in control of their health. While aspects of treatment can sometimes be challenging, Lisa believes that they should always be a positive experience in a supportive and engaging atmosphere.

Lisa has always been engaged with high performance sport – from her own history as a varsity athlete, through her extensive work with athletes competing in world class, amateur, and professional sports ranging from baseball to wrestling and most everything in between. She has worked with lacrosse teams at world championships and provided treatment for the Calgary Roughnecks professional lacrosse team for over ten years.

In addition to her Physiotherapy degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Lisa has a degree in Kinesiology and has acquired advanced designations in the areas of biomechanics, manual and manipulative therapy, radiology and needling. This gives her a full repertoire of tools and approaches to help her clients with a keen eye towards understanding what works and what just wastes everybody’s time.