Our Specialists

Our name, Group23, was chosen to reflect our intrinsic philosophy about collaborative care. It comes from the 23 pairs of chromosomes that make up each human being—the building blocks of human physiology that join together to forge something greater than the sum of its parts. Likewise, our practice is made up of an impressive collective of professionals that form a remarkable combination—one that is able to provide a prized level of collaborative care. We are a group of compassionate people and are always open to exploring the best treatment options.


Our sport physicians work to find non-surgical options of treatment. They have a wealth of experience working with professional and elite athletes and utilize this level of expertise when treating all of their patients.


Our renowned orthopedic surgeons include knee and shoulder specialists and are dedicated to treating conditions that are beyond the realm of non-surgical options.


A fantastic roster of both generalists and specialists, our physiotherapists are a group of focused healers who are passionate about getting their patients back to being their best. Many of them have experience with Olympians and professionals teams.


There are many choices for care in this city. Group23 has put together a team roster of the best therapists and physicians the city has to offer.

Our health and lifestyle specialists make it possible for you to access care for both mental and physical health and offer a unique combination of experience and expertise.