The sports medicine clinic deals with physical fitness and the treatment or prevention of injuries related to musculoskeletal injuries from sports and exercise. Our sports medicine clinic and sports medicine doctors are certified with the Canadian Academy of Sport & Exercise Medicine (CASEM) and Group23 doctors are the team physicians and medical decision makers for professional sports teams and elite athletes. Our team strives to bring that same level of professional care to every patient they see.

Our sports medicine physicians work with a team of therapists and allied health professionals to develop a treatment plan tailored for your unique sports and fitness related needs, abilities and goals. Our ultimate goal is to find non-surgical options in treatment. If surgery is the recommended course of action you will be promptly referred  to the appropriate surgeon. We also work closely with the Benson Concussion Institute, world renowned for studying assessment, management and prevention of concussions in sports.

A referral from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or physician is required to see any sport medicine physician.
Child receiving treatment for his knee

Pediatric Sport Medicine

Your growing kids’ injuries are often quite different from conditions more commonly seen in older patients, which is why Group23 is proudly home to the only pediatric sports medicine doctor in Calgary. If your young child or teen has an injury or illness that affects sports performance, exercise or activity, our pediatric sport physician has the expertise, experience and qualifications to appropriately treat the unique sports-related medical needs of youth specific problems. Your kids are in good hands at Group23. Meet our Pediatric Sport Physician.


Joint and soft tissue injections are the mainstay of therapies for musculoskeletal problems.  Our physicians are specially trained to perform many of these plasma injections as well as knee, shoulder, and hip cortisone injections. Some of our physicians also offer state-of-the-art ultrasound guided capability of cortisone injection, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and prolotherapy. Meet the Sport Physician team.

  • Cortisone Injections
    If you’re looking for common injections for knee pain or inflammation relief in a specific area, you may be a good candidate for cortisone injection to help treat a number of diseases and conditions. Cortisone injection usually includes the medication and a local anesthetic. You may be limited in the number of how many you can receive in one year.
  • Viscosupplement Injections
    Acting as a lubricant to enable joints to move smoothly over each other and as a shock absorber, Viscosupplementation (Hyaluronic acid) injection can effectively relieve pain for conditions such as knee arthritis and osteoarthritis of numerous joints.
  • Prolotherapy
    Prolotherapy, or proliferation therapy, is the injection of a solution (local anesthetic and dextrose) to stimulate the growth of new cells to heal painful areas. Ligaments are the most common sites for injection although muscles and tendons can also be treated.
Elderly gentleman holding sore knee requiring injections

Woman demonstrating regenerative options for the knee

Regenerative Medicine

The use of regenerative medicine through Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection can accelerate healing, repair damaged tissues, reduce pain and improve function. If you have sports injuries and musculoskeletal conditions like tendon injuries affecting the ankle, knee and elbow, plantar fasciitis, ligament sprains, arthritis and meniscal injuries, PRP injection therapy treatment may be an option. Our physicians inject your own blood back into an injured area to modify inflammation and begin the healing process. Meet the Sport Physician team.

Custom Bracing

The primary goal of custom bracing is to restore mobility and to prevent or limit disability. These braces may include knee braces, ankle foot orthoses, upper extremity braces and spinal and neck braces. Our certified orthotists go beyond the single injury or chronic ailment to ensure we address the underlying medical cause and resulting effects of your problem. We also review your overall health and lifestyle to help better define the requirements of the orthotic treatment. Meet our Orthotist.

Types of custom bracing include:

  • knee brace
  • ankle brace
  • back brace
  • posture brace
  • tennis elbow brace
  • wrist brace
  • shoulder brace
  • elbow brace
  • custom knee brace
  • sports braces
  • custom shoulder 
Man being fitted for custom brace

Must have a referral

A referral from a physiotherapist, chiropractor or physician is required to see any sport medicine physician.
Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot accept medical-legal cases, MVA cases, WCB cases, or neck-related injuries.


Our physiotherapists will accept appointments without referral and can treat many conditions or refer you to the ideal department.
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