Dr. Frank Johnson

Sport Physician,  HBSc MD CCFP (SEM) DipSportMed

Sport Physician, HBSc MD CCFP (SEM) DipSportMed


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Dr. Johnson is one of a growing number of Canadians who head abroad for medical training, attending school on the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Maarten before moving on to the United Kingdom (London), and then to the United States (Texas, Arkansas and Colorado), before returning to Canada in 2010.  Back home in Canada, he completed his qualifications in Sports Medicine in 2012.  He has worked at the Canadian National Track & Field Championships, IPC Paralympic World Championships in 2013, and the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in 2016 and 2017.

As an athlete at the University of Windsor, he won 4 Provincial Team Championships with the University of Windsor Track and Field Team as a High Jumper and a Decathlete. Now as a medical doctor he has a passion for helping individual sport athletes, such as sprinters, runners, swimmers, and cyclists.  In the clinic, these athletes often have issues with tendons and joints that are causing pain.  He uses the extensive ultrasound training he obtained in the UK and in the USA to scan his patients to see how their injuries change over time.  When appropriate, he then can offer ultrasound-guided injections to help with healing.